Specialty Contacts


Contact Lenses

Just like prescription lenses for your frames, contact lenses have had amazing advancements in their technology. Contact lenses are now a genuine alternative for most people who require glasses and there are very few conditions that cannot be corrected with contacts. There are of course a few basic things that we will need to look at such as your lifestyle expectations and any eye health issues but all of this is covered in our standard eye examinations. There are differing types of contacts such as "Soft Contacts" which are nice and flexible and allows them to fit the shape of your eye. "Continuous wear contacts" that allow the eye to breathe so that you can keep them in day and night, and "Bifocal contacts" that allow for different prescriptions for reading and long distance vision. Rigid gas permeable contact lenses are also available for better vision particularly with complex prescriptions. We also have a Marconus trial lens set in store which makes fitting people with keratoconus reasonably straightforward.

If you've been thinking about contacts but thought they were a bit limiting then it's time to discuss them again and we're more than happy to help you find the contacts that suit your lifestyle.