The Glasses

There are a lot of people out there making glasses, and just as it is at the butcher, you get what you pay for. We don’t strive to be the cheapest or the most expensive. What we are good at is knowing what’s the best value for money in achieving the vision you want and need.

That’s why we ask so many questions and take the time to get things right.




The Frames

Anything will do, right? Well no, it won’t. It’s on your FACE. It should look great, feel comfortable and make you glad you bought that frame, every time you put it on.

That’s why most of our frames are designed and manufactured in Europe. They still lead the world for design by a long shot, and because they’re not huge, mass market producers, you’re rarely going to see your frame on someone’s else’s face. Most of our frames are not available anywhere else in the region.

And another great feature: We specialize in frames for smaller faces (you’ll know who you are). Brands such as Kliik and Ogi offer stylish frames for the petite face. 


Face a Face

French haute couture, In other words the pinnacle of French design.

Coco Song

A magical fusion of refined Italian design with the charm of oriental culture. Coco, meaning ‘ancient’ joins the name of the Song dynasty, founder of the city of Hong Kong in 976 AD 

Fritz Frames

Fritz was born and raised in Germany on Rugen Island in the Baltic Sea. He’s a wooden boat builder by trade & has worked on sailing yachts for many years as well as designing and making a great number of objects from furniture to kite-boards.

The method Fritz uses to create each handcrafted frame originates from the traditions of wooden yacht building. In homage to this traditional craft, most of his frames are named after the yacht’s “engines”, the winds that blow around our globe.

Fritz finds making glasses appealing and challenging on many levels. A craftsmen and inventor as well as entrepreneur and designer, it’s an ever-evolving process, always discovering new insight into his self-made craft. Fritz says, “Creating glasses enriches my life with beauty and meaning, two of life’s essential rewards”.


A family owned Austrian company, Silhouette are huge innovators in the small world of frame manufacturing. In 1999 they single handedly began the rimless revolution creating the lightest most comfortable frames in the world. They have been copied relentlessly but never equalled. They still lead the world in rimless eyewear.


WOOW, the most talked-about eyewear, is redrawing the map. WOOW Eyewear makes its mark each year through a visual creation that asserts its graphic inspiration and develops its brand fundamentals: pop image, bright colours, symmetry, humour, all mixing together photo, collage and graphic design.

Nina Ricci

Classic French styling and manufacture. Beautiful, understated, quality frames that don’t have to try too hard.

Pro Design

Designed and manufactured in Denmark, these frames are wonderfully durable and reliable, and somehow different from everything else. Stylish, comfortable and beautifully made.


French and minimalist using Stainless Steel, rubber and woven carbon fibre. They look great and are really reliable. We love this stuff.


In this new century the fashion world is left with no precise signs or particular trends; not even colours are well defined. Confusion abounds. This apparent lack of coordination, seemingly left to chance, is actually a new form of freedom in interpreting and matching colours.This is exactly what inspired KAOS! Never banal. Ultra-colourful, original and light-hearted.

La Matta

LA MATTA frames have bold, intriguing hues with lots of personality. Animal prints and colours inspired by the wild.LA MATTA frames are an explosion of detail. Original decorative elements add a special touch to each model to express the personality and allure of modern women.


Koali is a flower of the Pacific Islands, known for being a symbol of femininity. We take inspiration from the subtle lines and the richness of the living world’s colors to design our creative spirit glasses: a true hymn to femininity, between elegance and originality.


Furla interprets the Italian spirit in a contemporary fashion, adding its unmistakable touch of creativity, elegance and timeless simplicity, proposing modern and eclectic collections that combine the latest trends with craftsmanship. This leads to the creation of proposals that feature high quality materials and that are made by using cutting-edge technologies.


Escada stands for modern elegance, cool glamour, and sensual femininity. It offers everything from must-have everday items for business and leisure to red carpet occasions for women with a distinct sense of luxurious quality and excellent fit. The Escada woman loves glamour, but interpreted in a fresh, modern way.


Since 1911, TRUSSARDI has been a byword for excellence, effortless elegance and innovation in Italian fashion and lifestyle.


A sophisticated Neoclassic collection that reflects the essence of timeless eyewear design with a modern twist.

John Lennon

John Lennon eyewear is made for people who of course love round-shaped spectacles, but also for the fans of the artist and of the vintage-modern lifestyle.


Very stylish, well made men’s frames. Some are conservative, some are not.


Seiko is synonymous with quality, style and cutting edge technology. The Seiko Titanium frame is for the person who values strength, durability and comfort.