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Adidas sports sunglasses;

The ultimate sports eyewear

Adidas eyewear products are developed to meet the needs of various sports. Their product design engineers work closely with top athletes to develop their products achieving optimal results for Adidas eyewear, which combines next-generation technology and lens innovation to create a personalized fit with sports-targeted technology. Adidas eyewear is, therefore, not just another pair of sunglasses, but an essential part of sports equipment that supports an improved performance.

“See better, be better” is key in sport. Adidas eyewear makes sure there are no limits to performance by using lenses that help eyes stay strong and focused with top-end technology to protect eyes, such as the wrap-around 10 base lens and innovative solutions for optical correction.  

Whilst doing sport, it is important to wear equipment that fits perfectly and does not become a distraction. adidas eyewear has, therefore, developed frame technologies which ensure that eyewear can be adapted to meet the needs of each individual, e.g. by way of adjustable nose pieces and flexible side temples.  

A combination of adidas eyewear frame technology and lens science provides perfect safety conditions for your eyes, protecting them from dangerous rays and external influences, such as dirt, rain, wind, etc.  

Whether you are climbing a high mountain peak in the toughest conditions or skiing down an amazing powder run in the sunshine, it is important to know that you can trust in your equipment because every moment counts, and a small detail can have a big impact. adidas eyewear has developed technologies, frame materials and lenses that deliver highly durable and flexible solutions which prevent the eyewear from breaking.

Knobloch Shooting Frames

Shooting glasses have existed for many decades. However, at the beginning innovative shooters improvised with simple lens holders which they soldered at a slant to a wire frame. So, in a simple way they were able to look through the optical centre point of the lens without distortion. However these constructions were rigid and inflexible and could not be adjusted very well.

The Karlsruhe optician Bruno Knobloch, a good and committed shooter, who was at that time German champion with his team, created a variable system for the fabrication and adjustment of special glasses for shooters. In 1957 he had the first shooting glasses system patented. His business developed well over the years and is now led by his two sons Frank and Thomas who are both ophthalmic opticians, in the 2nd generation.

Over the years the shooting glasses system developed by Bruno Knobloch has been constantly improved and supplemented with many useful extras. The developments were often carried out in cooperation with well known professional shooters from all over the world. 

The Knobloch brothers are making sure that this tradition is carried on. They are always in contact with the shooters and accompany them to many competitions around the world, so that they can offer their experience and service on the spot.

Safety Glasses

Synchrony Safety Eyewear offers the highest level of eye protection in a range of frame styles and lens designs. Complete protection, certified to Australian / New Zealand safety standard AS/NZS1337.6:2012.

  • Single Vision, Bifocal, Workplace and Progressive lens designs
  • 1.53 (Trivex) and 1.59 (Polycarbonate) lens materials
  • All lenses are double side hard coated (DSHC)
  • Selected lens designs available in Transitions® Grey or Polarised Grey
  • A range of modern and functional frame designs
  • Fully certified for maximum protection
  • Available in a wide Rx range