Your after sales experience

You’re not forgotten once you’ve paid your account.

You are always welcome back for complementary adjustments and realignments or to have your glasses and frames cleaned or to refill your lens cleaning fluid. We value your custom and look forward to a long term relationship that satisfies your vision requirements for the years ahead.

We are honored to be able to say that a lot of our clients have been coming to us for decades.



The Lenses

You could be forgiven for thinking that, really, “aren’t all lenses the same?” They just look like clear bits of polished plastic. It's only when you look through them that you can tell the difference.

Modern lenses are amazingly varied and complex.

We choose to use Zeiss lenses almost exclusively. That's because Zeiss has been at the forefront of lens technology for over a century. They are a brilliant company producing brilliant lenses. Please click on the Zeiss logo for more information. 

Within the many lens categories there are countless variants. Just in progressives alone, there are over 120 designs available, ranging from $180 a pair to over $1200 a pair! As usual, the best value is somewhere in the middle and (thankfully) usually toward the lower end.

Coatings and Tints

Zeiss offer leading edge technology such as Duravision Platinum - the hardest ever Zeiss coating. Self-tinting lenses, polarised lenses and other special filters are also available. Click here for more information.